Increase revenue and provide better service for your customers with one, simple question...

"Would you like us to arrange for insurance on this shipment?"


Arranging for the right coverage at the most competitive rate provides an enhanced comfort level with your customers while easily increasing revenue.

Click on the image to the right to view our 13 minute seminar where you'll see example scenarios and learn more about how to provide this valuable service to your customers.

  • Provide All-risk coverage
  • Provide complete Warehouse-to-Warehouse coverage
  • Easily increase revenue
  • Quickly train sales staff
  • Enhance customer relationships

You will need the Macromedia Flash 6.0 Player to view the seminar. Click on the above icon to download the plug-in. If your modem is 56k or less, you may encounter an occassional hesitation during the first playthrough of the program.